Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a Quitter, but Watch this Video :)

I've given up on the whole blogging challenge thing - once a day is tough, once a week would be easier.

Anyhoo, this video is really cool. I came across it on Second Ave Sagas. It's video of the sounds of the subway. Surprisingly it's not all squealing train brakes either ;)

Normally this would appear over at I Haz a Choo Choo Train Problem, which it does - but it's too good to just post there, therefore, I'm posting it here too :) Watch it with headphones. If you've never been to New York or in their subways it gives you a good feel for the atmosphere - except the stations are grungier than the slick editing let you see...and you don't have the smell that is uniquely a New York City subway station. Although if any of them smell like the bowels of Borough Hall Station in Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon in October with some fungus footed crackhead lady eating a Subway (heh heh) foot long, you're probably better off. That stench is one I won't forget for a while, and in my work in patient care I've seen some nasty wounds that have quite the odor to go with them, so it's not like my nose hasn't had to deal with similar putrid-ness before. At any rate, sit back, plug in some headphones and max this video to full screen :)

BENDING SOUNDS - NYC SUBWAY from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

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  1. I thought I've quit on it, but just today, I posted 4 entries to the challenge. I know that's cheating, but blah, I still wanna try to finish it. Haha.


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