Friday, May 4, 2012

Make Your Own Passion Tea Lemonade.

So  this whole kick started last week. The BF sent me to get him a Frapuccino from Starbucks, and the only Starbucks we have around here is the one in Target. I was jonesin' for a Passion Tea Lemonade pretty badly.

I make my way through Target picking up the miscellaneous crap I then go to the Starbucks counter. The barista chick is messing with something and says in a snotty voice "We're closed."


I turned around and walked back to the tea aisle and got a box of passion tea bags made specially for making iced tea (they probably are double strength - they're bigger than normal though, each one makes 2 quarts.

On the back there's a recipe for the passion tea lemonade. While this doesn't taste 100% exactly like the real deal It's fairly close. I hear if you use Simply Lemonade, it tastes closer. However, I have a perfectly good can of Country Time pink lemonade mix rotting on the kitchen counter, so I used that.

Your Ingredients - Tazo Passion Iced Tea Bags and Lemonade Mix
So what you do is boil a quart (4 cups) of water. Place tea bag in a sauce pan or similar type container and pour the boiling water in. Allow to steep for 5 minutes.

Steeping away. PS: Passion Tea smells awesome when it's brewing.
While your tea is steeping, make a quart of lemonade in a pitcher per the directions on the mix. If you're using already made lemonade, like the above discussed Simply Lemonade, pour a quart of it into a pitcher. Add some ice. When the tea is done steeping, pour it into the pitcher with the icy lemonade. Mix and add some sugar if you like - especially if you normally order your passion tea lemonades sweetened. I don't, and I found that the lemonade makes it sweet enough. Add more ice if you plan on serving immediately, otherwise stick it in the fridge at let it chill until you're ready to enjoy. If you're like my aunt and have the reusable cold cups they sell at Starbucks, feel free to add to the illusion that this is a real passion tea lemonade.

When the tea is sufficiently cold, do your best to refrain from drinking the entire pitcher in an hour ;)

I don't have a reusable cold cup, so a plain old glass for me, mmkay?

Voila, this is not by any means some super secret recipe. It's on the box of tea bags :)

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