Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That nagging feeling.

Friday night I'm heading to South Carolina for a week-ish to see my parents and little sister.

While I'm free of the "ZOMGZ I'M GONNA HAVE TO PEE AND MISS MY PLANE" nightmares from the last time I did this...seriously, it was my first time flying alone...I still feel a sense of dread about how this is going to go. As we know, peace with my parents is a very fragile thing and I just have a nagging feeling something is going to go amiss and part of the time I'm there I'll be miserable.

Then again, last time I went for 2 weeks and a week was the timeframe where my dad and I started getting on each other's nerves, so maybe this will be the perfect length of time.

Regardless, I can't wait to see my sister, who's gonna be 13 (holy shit, that makes me feel ancient).

Fingers crossed for no drama and hopefully I'm just driving myself nuts for nothing.

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