Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday: Hey Boxelder...

So, Motion City Soundtrack's new album came out last Tuesday, and I'm digging it. I also have less than two weeks until I get to see them again - and in New York, so go me. Fingers are crossed that they play "Hangman", although that never seems to be on any of the setlists - which the band is pretty good about posting to Tumblr. I feel like my only chance of seeing it played live is when they play entire albums in their entirety in shows, like they have in the past. I was too broke to go last fall when they did it in New York. I have essentially vowed to not stop seeing them in concert until I hear that song I may be chasing them for a while. This upcoming concert will be the fourth time I've seen them.

I feel like this whole new album has taken a slightly emo direction - Justin Pierre writes some of his best stuff when less than happy. This song, "Boxelder", is probably my favorite (although that's entirely subject to change on a whim) on "Go".

Enjoy :)

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